Location Intelligence Analytics

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Marketing Yield Analysis

Identify and optimize historical marketing returns segmented via geographical dimensions. Reallocate mix based on channel, route or medium performance.

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Retail Site Selection

Easily find locations matching your business objectives. Eliminate the unknowns by matching potential locations to your known performant locations.

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Demographic Profiling

Locate top performing customer demographic profiles through historical sales data that you already have. Optimize resources towards innovative insights.

A better understanding of how location impacts business

Find how metrics such as average daily traffic and visibility quantatively impact your business, along with how to effectively reach your target audience.

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Demographic Insights

Who is your target customer?

Data has never been more prevalant yet inaccessible, especially when it comes to brick and mortar retail. Ecommerce has the advantage of in depth demographic profiles created from advertisers, so why not traditional retailers?

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Marketing Analytics

Are you tracking success geographically?

Traditional marketing channels don't have to have traditional performance expectations. By combining demographic data with past performance data, you can start amplifying returns from "legacy" marketing channels.

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